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A faster, flexible, and fully-integrated self-service ordering application to meet the needs of a bustling restaurant environment.

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Self Service

For accelerated business growth, the restaurants need a streamlined ordering system, allowing them to effortlessly deliver exceptional service to the customers.

Visual ordering

Customers usually visit various outlets, compare dishes, prices, and services before deciding their favourite restaurant. Given that customers today expect faster delivery and lesser wait times, restaurateurs need to be prudent while opting for a self-service ordering application for their business.

Why Do Restaurateurs Choose appyepos Kiosk?

Better Ordering Experience

appyepos Kiosk simplifies how your customers see a self-service ordering system — ranging from the point of placing their desired order to making the payment secure and hassle-free..

Improved Staff Productivity

By giving your customers the freedom to choose, you let your staff be more productive. Employees who are genuinely happy and satisfied with their work are more likely to be efficient and capable, aligning their goals with your business objective

Build Your Brand

appyepos Kiosk has the potential to transform a bustling environment into a more calm-paced environment, which turns every new customer into a loyal customer. The key to changing all your customers into regulars is empowering them to choose or customise the orders to their liking.

No More Waiting

appyepos Kiosk is meticulously designed and built to handle continuous ordering and payment processing. You can now serve your customers without having them wait in line for hours.

Asists and Directs Your Customers

With appyepos Kiosk, you can now give your customers more power and control over the ordering process, enhance their overall ordering experience and make it as simple as using a vending machine...

Harmonious Working Environment

appyepos Kiosk lets you efficiently utilize your workforce and let them handle more crucial tasks that require human assistance. appyepos Kiosk is equipped with advanced technology, enabling you to use your workforce efficiently.


appyepos Core System

Starting with our core sysyem, we will help and guide you at every step and have you up and running in now time.

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